Setting up Nonprofit Organization in Japan

We support to set up non-profit organization in Japan with various services, such as online consulting, documents translation, drawing up applications in Japanese and so on.
We also offer all inclusive support service. We act as your agent and take over all complicated paperworks. 

We do hope we can support the person like you, who have a passion to make the world better place to live, to overcome the complicated governmental procedure. 

We also provide an overview of the procedures for setting up a non-profit organization in Japan in our website. Please click the link below.

Other Useful information Sources

For more detailed information, please refer my kindle books or visit my LinkedIn.

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A Practical Guide for Setting Up A Non-Profit Organization in JAPAN

These books aim to support readers by providing a step-by-step guide on how to establish a nonprofit organization in Japan. You’ll find practical and detailed information to assist you in navigating the often confusing and bureaucratic processes required to establish a nonprofit organization, or NPO, in Japan. 

You can also find useful resources in the appendixes including sample application forms, related law, and a template for the articles of incorporation in the NOT an abridged version book.

Abridged version of a practical guide for  setting up a non-profit organization in Japan (Amazon Kindle Book)

My Linkedin: Hiroe Aoki (BB gyoseishoshi Office)
Please visit my LinkedIn as well. I sometimes write articles about non-profits in Japan.

Our services/Prices

We support obtaining the certification for establishment from the local government by providing various and convenient services.

Please feel free to send us inquirey.

If you need general information or only have several questions, our 1 hour online consulting service might be the most suitable one.
Please send us your questions in advance to make the meeting more fruitful one.


If you already know the procedure but have difficulties in preparing necessary documents in Japanese, we offer our translation service.

Please send us your documents written in English.
We draw up necessary documents in Japanese and in governmental format.
(English→Japanese only)

¥20,000 per document


"Light Support Service Package" means we support you to conduct necessary process with regular consulting and we prepare all nacessary documents in Japanese. 
 You have to apply for yourself.

【Price】¥ 100,000


We work as your legal agent.
We offer full-support service until you obtain the certification of establishment from the local government.

We can apply for the local government as your legal agent so you do not have to take a day off to visit their office in weekdays.

【Price】¥ 200,000


Please note

 Any support to registrer to the Legal Affairs Bureau is not included in all services above.
Supporting registration to the Legal Affairs Bureau is not allowed for Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist by the law.


BB Gyoseishoshi Office


Our mission is to support people who need legal entity to conduct public-interest activities in Japan.

Hiroe Aoki

A qualified Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Gyoseishoshi) (行政書士)
Certifed by Japan Foundation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associtations

Registration No. : 20101743

You can find me on their website;

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Gyoseishoshi) is a national qualification that allows only a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist to be a paid agent for applicants applying to central or local governments for licenses, certifications, permissions, and so on. 

●has 27 years of experience working for the prefectural governments of Chiba, providing support services for both private companies and public organizations.

●has several overseas experiences; 
・worked at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) New York Office   studied at the University of Birmingham, UK.
・UK and obtained a Master of Science degree in Public Management

●certified from Japan Fundraising Association as an Associate Certified Fundraiser


Why us?

English-speaking Gyoseishoshi

(A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist)

・She was dispatched to the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) New York Office to support USA companies to expand their business in Japan.

・She studied Public Management in the University of Birmingham in the U.K. and earned a Master of Science degree.


An Associate Certified Fundraiser
certified from the Japan Fundraising Association

・She took a training course for fundraising and was certified as an Associate Certified Fundraiser from the Japan Fundraising Association.

・She engaged in subsidizing work in the Japanese local government (Chiba prefectural government).

TheJapan Fundraising Association was established in 2009 as a non profit organization aiming to create a culture of donation in Japan by providing training courses to foster professional fundraisers.


Rich Overseas Experiences
(both working and traveling)

・While she was working in the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) New York Office, she engaged in projects to promote business between the USA and Japan.

・When she completed the postgraduate course  in the University of Birmingham, she was nominated by her supervisor as the most traveled student he ever supervised. 

She has traveled extensively to more than 30 countries around the world including El Salvador, Maroc, Costa Rica, Samoa, Malta, Chile,Indonesia and so on. 



Please contact me via e-mail, Linkedin Message or LINE.

If you prefer, a face-to-face meeting is also available around Tokyo area.
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BB Gyoseishoshi Office 
(BB 行政書士事務所)
Hiroe Aoki
青木 央恵
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Support service for establishing non-profit organizations in Japan


We can answer basic questions only via e-mails and it might be more convenient to visit our page for basic information regarding setting up NPO in Japan.
We do not disclose or provide the personal information that we have received to any third parties.